DIY Christmas Gift Baskets: See How To Make These Christmas Food Gift Baskets Filled With S’more Christmas Cheer

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Christmas is here and I wanted to share a fun tutorial for easy and inexpensive DIY Christmas gift baskets for your friends and loved ones.

Earlier this year, I made a bunch of scented pine cone fire starters — and I wanted a unique way to give them out as gifts for the Christmas season.

These S’more Christmas Cheer baskets are ideal for the backyard fire lover… and as a last-minute surprise gift exchange!

We also made a bunch of these gift baskets to give to the teachers at my son’s Parents Day Out program — because they have always been so creative sending my son home with his very own handmade crafts.


My Gift Card For These DIY Gift Baskets

I created a little Christmas Cheer poem to go inside each card that I attached to each gift basket.

Here’s what it says:

⭐️S’more Christmas Cheer⭐️

Invite over some friends and light the wick…

These scented pine cones will start a fire🔥 quick!

Roast the marshmallow to a gooey sweet,

And nestle between the chocolate treat.

Wishing you S’more laughter and cheer…

Merry Christmas🎄and Happy New Year!

With Love❤️, from the Jaggers


Materials Needed For DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

Here’s a list of the supplies I used to create these holiday gift baskets. Many are inexpensive from Dollar stores:


How To Make These Holiday Gift Baskets

These are the steps I used to create my S’more Christmas Cheer Baskets this year:

  1. First, determine how many Christmas gift baskets you want to make.
  2. Then, purchase and gather all of the materials mentioned above.
  3. Print out the Christmas Cheer poem in a neat font. (I chose to use computer fonts because I do not have neat writing, nor did I want to write out the entire S’more Cheer poem for every card.)
  4. Cut out the Christmas Cheer poem from your printed copies, then glue one onto each tri-fold Christmas card.
  5. Put the Christmas cards into their envelopes, then glue a generic “S’more Christmas Cheer” message on the front of each envelope.
  6. Place 3 pinecone fire starters into their own cellophane loot bag.
  7. Place 1 bag of chocolate-covered graham cookies, 1 bag of marshmallows, and 1 bag of pine cones onto a Christmas tray, box, or platter.
  8. Place a completed Christmas basket in the center of the cellophane gift wrap, then cut the right amount off the roll for each one.
  9. Cut some ribbon — to tie the corners of the cellophane wrap together for each gift basket.
  10. Use Christmas-themed foam stickers to secure the tri-fold Christmas card and envelope onto the front of each cellophane-wrapped gift basket.


The Bottom Line…

I really enjoyed making these fun and simple Christmas gift baskets.

Although not everyone has a fireplace or a fire pit, the pine cones are still festive — because they’re scented and decorative. Chocolate covered graham cookies and marshmallows are a fun snack anytime, even if they can’t be roasted over a fire as intended.

Overall, these DIY gift baskets cost less than $8 to make (if you make the pine cone fire starters yourself).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this holiday gift basket tutorial.

Merry Christmas!

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