VIDEOS: How To Carve A Radioactive Glowing Pumpkin For Halloween

A radioactive pumpkin made with glow sticks and artistically carved by Tom Nardone

Have you ever wanted to carve a pumpkin that looks super-psychedelic and radioactive with glowing green goo spewing out of it? The following 4 videos and instructions by Tom Nardone of show you how to do just that!   What you need: One ugly, odd-shaped pumpkin Several non-toxic glow sticks (at least 5) Drywall saw Heavy-duty scissors or garden shears Ice cream scoop Pumpkin carving tools (or a jigsaw) Dry erase markers   How to do … [Read more...]

Alternative Pumpkin Carving Techniques – 4 Awesome Videos From DIY Network


DIY Network has 4 great videos showing some outside-the-box ways to carve a pumpkin for Halloween! Each video features the unique pumpkin carving techniques used by 4 of their TV experts.   First up, Chris Grundy's tips for DIY pumpkin carving:     Next, Jason Cameron shows us how he likes to carve pumpkins:     Check out Ahmed Hassan's tips for one-of-a-kind pumpkin carving:     Finally, Amy Matthews shares her own … [Read more...]

Best FREE Pumpkin Templates For Carving Jack-O-Lanterns


Some things in life really are free -- including these pumpkin carving templates! Yes, this Halloween you can carve a world class Jack-o-Lantern simply by choosing from the best free design templates found online.   Following are the best sites to find literally thousands of FREE pumpkin templates... … [Read more...]

All The Best Pumpkin Carving Tools – From Carving Kits To Power Tools!


When I was a growing up, the average Jack-o-Lantern was created with a simple straightforward process: You took a big sharp kitchen knife and cut an opening around the stem of the pumpkin. Next, you found the largest spoon in the kitchen and scooped out all the seeds. Finally (again using that sharp and dangerous knife), you would cut triangle shaped eyes, a nose, and a mouth -- often containing an odd shaped tooth. By adding a candle inside, you were good to go for another … [Read more...]

Easy Halloween Crafts & Decorations: Make Paper Mache Pumpkins


One of my favorite things about Halloween is decorating. There are a lot of great ways to make your own fun decorations. These paper-mache pumpkins are easy to make and use just a few materials. They are especially good for little ones who are not quite ready for pumpkin carving yet. Now they can get in on the Halloween decorating fun too!   … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Have A Green Halloween


Today, everyone needs to be conscious of the environment and Halloween is no exception. When choosing costumes, decorating your yard and giving out treats, I encourage you to make it a green Halloween this year! Here are some fun and easy ways to be green during Halloween...   #1 Give Treasures vs Candy When you head down the aisles of your local store in search of Halloween treats, think treasures instead of candy. … [Read more...]

Unique Halloween Traditions & Pumpkin World Records

Following are some of the world record holders across the U.S. and beyond which pertain to pumpkins and Halloween...   Most Lit Jack-o'-Lanterns Keene, New Hampshire takes its pumpkins seriously. Each year, the town tries to regain its status as World Record Holder for the most lit pumpkins during their annual Pumpkin Festival. Although Keene still holds the record for the most jack-o-lanterns in one place (28,952 in 2003), a competing festival in Boston beat out Keene with a total … [Read more...]

Carving Pumpkins? Here’s What To Do With All Those Leftover Pumpkin Seeds


IMPORTANT... When you're done carving pumpkins for Halloween, don't throw out the pumpkin seeds! If you're wondering what the heck pumpkin seeds are good for, check out these fun ideas for cooked, roasted, toasted, and baked pumpkin seeds...   Saving The Pumpkin Seeds It seems such a waste to toss out the innards of carved pumpkins without getting something of value from the inside too. … [Read more...]