VIDEOS: How To Carve A Radioactive Glowing Pumpkin For Halloween

A radioactive pumpkin made with glow sticks and artistically carved by Tom Nardone

Have you ever wanted to carve a pumpkin that looks super-psychedelic and radioactive with glowing green goo spewing out of it? The following 4 videos and instructions by Tom Nardone of show you how to do just that!   What you need: One ugly, odd-shaped pumpkin Several non-toxic glow sticks (at least 5) Drywall saw Heavy-duty scissors or garden shears Ice cream scoop Pumpkin carving tools (or a jigsaw) Dry erase markers   How to do … [Read more...]

How To Make Cheap Halloween Decorations From Everyday Items (VIDEO)


The following DIY Halloween decorations are really inexpensive to make yourself. The best part about these craft ideas is that they utilize everyday things that you have around the house and they can all be un-done -- like this Halloween wreath made from Dollar Store bath scrubbers (instructions here). So you aren't damaging any of your favorite things when you turn them into fun Halloween decorations... temporarily. Yep, these are all reusable items that can be un-done and re-done for … [Read more...]

How To String Car Christmas Lights On Your Vehicle For The Holidays


You've seen it -- every year at Christmas time, people decorate their cars festively to celebrate the holiday season. Maybe you've decorated your vehicle in the past. Will you be decorating your car again this year? Well, if you've never decorated your car in a Christmassy way before, following are some fun ideas to get you started.   … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Trees: Christmas Tree Shaped, With Seasonal Autumn Ornaments


Why wait until Christmas to put up a tree? I'm not talking about a Christmas tree though... I'm talking about a Thanksgiving tree. (And no, I'm not referring to a child's craft project. That's a Thanksgiving tree with entirely different purpose altogether.) Some consider this Christmas-shaped tree that's decorated with fall-theme ornaments and colors simply an Autumn tree. Whatever you call it, decorating a tree for the time between Halloween and Christmas is quite … [Read more...]

Alternative Pumpkin Carving Techniques – 4 Awesome Videos From DIY Network


DIY Network has 4 great videos showing some outside-the-box ways to carve a pumpkin for Halloween! Each video features the unique pumpkin carving techniques used by 4 of their TV experts.   First up, Chris Grundy's tips for DIY pumpkin carving:     Next, Jason Cameron shows us how he likes to carve pumpkins:     Check out Ahmed Hassan's tips for one-of-a-kind pumpkin carving:     Finally, Amy Matthews shares her own … [Read more...]

Best FREE Pumpkin Templates For Carving Jack-O-Lanterns


Some things in life really are free -- including these pumpkin carving templates! Yes, this Halloween you can carve a world class Jack-o-Lantern simply by choosing from the best free design templates found online.   Following are the best sites to find literally thousands of FREE pumpkin templates... … [Read more...]

Halloween Trees – They’re More Than Just Christmas Trees With Halloween Ornaments!


The first really unique "holiday tree" idea I came across was the upside down Christmas tree. Now, Halloween trees appear to be increasing in popularity. There are indoor Halloween trees. And there are outdoor Halloween trees. Most are simply an adaptation of the ever-popular Christmas tree. The only difference is the fact that Halloween trees are decorated with Halloween ornaments instead of Christmas ornaments. And with the outdoor Halloween trees, the ornaments are … [Read more...]

Best Resources For Halloween Special Effects & Props You Can Build Yourself


With Halloween right around the corner, you can do the same old thing and leave the porch light on with a bowl of candy near the door. Or, you can make a serious effort to make Halloween special for the children in your neighborhood!How many houses stand out from your past as going the extra mile each Halloween? You want to be like one of those, right?Well, you're in luck. You should be able to find a lot of great ideas from the following Halloween props & special effects sources.There … [Read more...]