Top Halloween Costumes For Adults & Kids This Year According To The Experts

One of the many Angry Birds costumes available this year!

I've spent a good deal of time chatting with the folks at I asked what they thought the most popular Halloween costumes were going to be this year. I definitely learned a lot from them. There's no doubt about it, these guys are experts in the field. I was impressed by their knowledge of current trends and pop culture, as well as the criteria they use to ultimately determine the popularity of Halloween costumes. Plus, the quality of their costumes is top … [Read more...]

Top Adult And Kids Halloween Costumes ~ Current Trends


After perusing various lists of the top Halloween costumes for this year from a number of sources (including the National Retail Federation), I've compiled the best of the best costume trends here for you. So, if you haven't decided on your Halloween costume yet, you're in luck. There's still time. Choosing one of these costumes might give you an edge in the Halloween costume contest this year! More people plan to dress up for the holiday than ever before — 40.1% compared with 33.4% last … [Read more...]

Photos + Videos Of The Worst Halloween Costumes Ever!

These first few were rated among the worst Halloween costumes by Threadbanger (as seen in the video below): Leaf Blower - simply attach a leave on a string to your hat. Human Maxi Pad & Tampons - too weird. (Here's another version.) Wolverine - tape knives and forks to your fingers. (Here are 20 more Wolverine costumes that don't make the cut.) Magazine Face Mask - cut out a full-page face of someone else and adhere it in pieces to your face. Human Turd - could be used as part of … [Read more...]

How To Come Up With The Best Halloween Costume… Ever!


Don't do what everyone else is doing for Halloween this year. Instead, try to get a little bit creative and come up with a fun Halloween costume yourself. The following video provides some great tips for creating your own one-of-a-kind Halloween costume. Some highlights from the video: Play on words. A clever or trendy term or phrase could inspire a really unique Halloween costume. For example, explore the banished words for the year (likesexting or tweet), or the newest … [Read more...]

Lots Of Fun Adult Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself


Hey, who says Halloween is just for kids? Not me. I love playing dress up on this fun holiday. When I answer the door, I always get lots of compliments. Plus, it's neat to see the kids get a kick out of my Halloween costume each year -- it makes it more fun for them, as well as for me. As you know, Halloween is not just for the little kids, it's for the big kids too. If you'll be dressing up for Halloween this year -- either for a Halloween party or just for something to wear when … [Read more...]

Dozens Of Group Halloween Costumes You Can Make For Kids And Adults


Halloween is a great holiday to get together with friends. Why not pick a theme for your group and then make your own group costume? I've done this with my friends when I was younger. Not only is making the costumes together fun, but so is shopping at thrift stores (which I highly recommend, by the way). If you are missing any parts for your group Halloween costume or simply don't want to use your own clothes because you'd have to alter them in some way, then thrift stores are … [Read more...]

Hundreds Of Kids Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself


Making your own Halloween costume -- especially a kid's costume -- can be one of the best experiences for all involved, including the parents and the child. I remember my parents helping me to come up with Halloween costume ideas, and then helping me find the items I need to put the costume together. Store-bought costumes were just not purchased very often at my house. Being creative and coming up with our own costumes was much more fun! Following are some great ideas for making your … [Read more...]